Thursday, April 14, 2011

Snow Crazies - Part 1

We got some fresh snow over night and while the roads are a mess, the dogs are in heaven.  We took them out for some fun first thing before the snow turned to slush and before the forecasted rain starts.  The dogs had a blast - as you can see from some of the hilarious expressions on their faces.  I took a tonne of photos so we are going to break this into two posts so be sure to check back this afternoon for more.






Chinook and Lyla

Ben (the tongue says it all!)

Chinook and Archie

Piper Archie and Lyla


Chinook and Kaycee (or maybe Piper?  They are in the same colour collar today.  LOL)


Constance said...

Looking at these pictures of happy dogs makes me happy that we are getting Paisley soon, although I hope she won't experience snow until next winter!

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