Friday, April 1, 2011


Little Jack STILL needs a home.

He is great with cats.  Jack has almost completely won our grumpy cat over and we often see him running in for a quick tackle as she half heartedly (and somewhat playfully) tries to swat him away.  (She used to hiss just at the sight of him so this is huge progress)

He is super snuggly when he is tired and super mischievous when he is feeling playful.  We are constantly finding things in odd place - lip balm on the floor in the corner of the bedroom, toys that we'd put away in a bucket are suddenly back in action again, library card is somewhere, not sure where any more!

Jack is fascinated with running water and will come running to watch the toilet flush.  He must play in the bathtub when we are gone because shampoo bottles are usually on the floor and not where we left them.

He still isn't 100% confident with our dogs but they are able to mix and mingle with no issues. He just doesn't really trust them yet despite Lacey's best efforts to entice him to play.  It often looks like they are on the cusp of fun, but then it fizzles into hissing and a confused dog. He is perfectly content to do a family snuggle and has no problem being near them, he just isn't relaxed when they are playing, running or looking at him.  :)

If you'd like to meet this little guy and possibly take him home with you, please send me an email (  He will have you wrapped around his paws in no time.


The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

What a sweet boy!

Stephanie V said...

Great shots. Love the jumping on the bed!

Anonymous said...

This is supers Mom....
Kinda looks like Jack has a good home. ;)