Friday, April 15, 2011

Snow Crazies - Part 3

We couldn't resist a few more.  The dogs were seriously having a good time out there yesterday!

Spencer and Abby enjoy a game of tug.

Maggie Mae said she is so over the puppy shenanigans that the other dogs were doing - at least when the camera was pointed at her!

Best group shot ever!  Except for Pele in the middle, who was beating up her brother Norman - as usual!

Happy Spencer

True coaxing Jackie into a game of wrestling.

Jake and Joule playing King and Queen of the Castle

Amy looking all serious, right before running off and acting like a puppy.

Kaycee and Jake comparing toys

Archie doing his best to keep the ball away from Chinook and Jake

Jasper and Chinook dancing.

Cooper going as fast as he can with the ball.

Kerry flirting with Lola.  He is quite the ladies man.
Happy Friday everyone!

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The New York Dog Shop said...

Love the pictures, especially the wrestling! Thanks for sharing.