Saturday, June 30, 2007


Have any of you discovered Etsy yet? It is kind of like ebay but only has handcrafted items on it.

Here are a few pet related ones that I like:
The Modern Pet - very cool collars and leashes
Artwork by Andrea - drawings and paintings of dogs, cats and more
Lodi and Lewi - more great collars, and leashes
Amelia Makes Art - little wool dogs and cats made to look like yours! (some of these are kind of creepy looking but others are pretty cute)

I could go on, and on, but maybe I better leave you to explore on your own.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Cutest Bark

This is Basil and he has the cutest bark I've ever heard.

When I arrive at the door he starts to bark. I'm not sure how to describe it, but he kind of sounds like a chicken clucking, but with a doggie sound. I wish I could share it with you but a picture of him in action will have to suffice.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Warrior Princess

Meet Xena...named after the warrior princess.

What, you can't see her? She is the very brave lump under the blankets.

Maybe she needs to watch a few more episodes to see how she is supposed to act...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Logo

I should be running out the door for a dog walk but I couldn't resist sharing my brand new logo (thanks to the talents of Sarah Novak) with all of you! I hope you like it!

Down the River

I'm sorry it has been so long since I last posted! Last week was crazy busy and it didn't help that we were also trying to get ready for a canoe trip down the Milk River. It was our first weekend away in a long time and our first "big" canoe trip. We decided to take Coulee with us - I'm not really sure what we were thinking! We managed to borrow enough dry bags to ensure that if/when Coulee tipped us over, our stuff would at least stay dry. We also borrowed a river canoe and I think that is the only thing that kept us afloat. Trust me, Coulee tried to tip us over many times. At one point and time, she actually sat on the rail.

If anyone is thinking about going on a canoe trip, I highly recommend the Milk River. Our first day, we went 17 km in mainly calm waters. This gave us a chance to get used to things, and Coulee time to get comfortable in the boat. We spent the night at Gold Springs Campground - it is a developed RV park complete with beach volleyball, showers, etc.

The next day brought a much more challenging (and fun) river. We saw thousands of cliff swallows, deer, lots of birds of prey and the occasional cow. Coulee spent the entire time standing in the canoe peering over one shoulder and then the other. She was driving Marlin crazy by constantly changing sides. She usually stayed fairly still during the rapids so we were able to keep the canoe upright. We went over 30 km this day and camped at the much more rustic Poverty Rock campground. Rain threatened us in the evening so we took advantage of the cook shelter here. There were only ourselves and two other people at the campground so Coulee was able to roam free, play fetch and go swimming in the river.

The last day was 20 km of fairly calm river to Writing on Stone Provincial Park and it had the best scenery of the entire trip. When we finally got home last night we were all tired but happy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Mighty Hunter

Chicken could not tear himself away from the window...there was an invader in the backyard. A bird actually had the nerve to poke around in the grass looking for food. Chicken sat, pinned to the window, making fierce noises trying to scare the interloper away. Only once the bird had finally left, could Chicken relax.

- Wendy

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our First Day

Well as far as operating a business goes, I'd say we had a pretty smooth first day. Marja and I went out together again for most of the day so she could be introduced to even more of your pets. Once we are both familiar with all the dogs, cats, fish, etc. we'll be able to ensure we can provide the most flexibility in terms of scheduling.

We did have one "exciting" moment today but it happened to Coulee and thankfully not one of your pets. Marja, Tundra, Coulee, Ponz and I were out at Popson Park having a great time soaking in the sun and hiking up and down the coulees. The dogs were tiring themselves out playing and running up and down the hills and we were tiring ourselves out climbing up and down those same hills. Then disaster struck. Or rather, then Coulee struck.

By the way she was acting, I could tell she was getting ready to roll on something dead and smelly but the grass was too tall for me to see what it was. Just as Coulee started to roll, I caught up to her and saw what she was rolling on...a dead porcupine. Yes, my dog was quilled by a dead porcupine. How smart was that? Luckily she didn't get any on her face, just her paws, back, legs, belly, tail and behind her ears! Thankfully we were near the end of the walk and Tundra and Ponz were quite tired so they didn't mind waiting for Coulee to be de-quilled.

- Wendy

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Prairie Dog Canine Rescue

Instead of e-mailing this to the masses, I thought I'd just post the information here for those of you who are interested. Here is the latest update from the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue. You can find more information and pictures if you follow the link.

Duchess- spayed, 7 year old female Husky Cross. Very nice dog, easy going, laid back just wants to hang out with her family. Duchess is great with other dogs, and is good with cats. Duch is fully housetrained and is super house dog and companion. She is absolutely stunning and would make a great addition to just about any home.

Diamond- 6 year old, Mini American Eskimo and she's FRIENDLY!!! Diamond is a great little dog with lots of spunk. She is very outgoing and has never shown any sign of aggression. She is not spayed yet but will be prior to placement. Diamond is small- about 14 inches tall and 14 pounds. She has a thinner coat and is in great health.

Sprocket- I can't believe this guy is still here! He is absolutely adorable and is a perfect dog. Sprocket is a year old and is Shih Tzu cross. He is about 14 inches tall and weighs 18 lbs. He is a stocky, long bodied dog who has a great sense of humour. He is very friendly and is great with other dogs and cats.

Whiskey- the cutest puppy on the block! Seriously- he stops traffic!! Whiskey is a five week old Retriever cross who was rescued off the reserve. He is a very
playful little guy who has been hand raised for the last three weeks. He will be a medium to large sized dog and has had a ton of socialisation. He is great with kids, cats, dogs, etc.

Kenzi-1.5year old female, boxer/lab cross. Kenzi is a beautiful dog with a great personality. She is a very smart dog and knows a ton of tricks. Her owner is moving and is unable to take her. Kenzi is friendly with people, great with other dogs and is used to cats. Kenzi is an active girl who would benefit from a home that is as active as she'd like to be! Kenzi loves camping, hiking, swimming and playing ball. She is not spayed yet but will be prior to placement.

Waiting in the wings to come in Tucker- 3 year old male, miniature dachshund. medium sized. possibly crossed. Tucker needs to go to a dog smart home or an experience dachsie person. He is very loveable and is very devoted to his people. He has been allowed to rule the house for three years and his elderly owners are having a hard time handling him. Tucker is very playful and is great with cats and is good with female dogs. He is not good with children under the age of 10.

2 Adult yellow labrador retrievers- male and female.Do not have to go together. About 2 years old and have had a horrible life thus far.

10 week old Mini Dachshund- we do have someone interested in him, but just in case it falls through, I thought I'd put him on here. He was purchased from a petstore a few weeks ago and is now looking for a new home. Puppies aren't as easy as they look!

The resucue is always looking for volunteers. They need foster homes, and a Public Relations person. Also we could use someone who would be interested in being a volunteer coordinator.

If you are interested in a dog or want to volunteer contact Amanda at or call 403 330 5370

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to Paws on the Run!

As I mentioned in my e-mail, not much will be different from the service you have come to expect. There may be a few new faces, but our care for your pets won't change.

In the right-hand column, I've listed our most commonly used services with brief descriptions of each. If you want more information on prices for additional pets or services that aren't listed, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Be sure to check back for updated information.

- Wendy