Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Suckered Again

It is hard to have a similar name to a cat rescue in town (PAW Society).  You wouldn't believe the number of phone calls we get (so many in fact we have put their phone number on our voicemail for people who call outside of our regular hours).  But for the most part, having a similar name isn't a big deal, unless someone walks in the door holding this....

Especially when they tell us the Humane Society is closed, they don't want to bring him to the shelter and their landlord was freaking out that they had him for even just a night. The PAW society doesn't have a building, they rely on foster homes, so there is no guarantee they have space at the moment.  (We've since found out they don't). The rescuer was desperate and didn't know what to do with little Jack (We've named him Jack, after Jack Frost as it was so darn cold last night when he was found!).

Jack was found in the Uplands neighbourhood near Sobey's last night around 7 p.m.  We are hoping his owners will come claim him.  But if that doesn't happen, we are hoping someone will adopt him.  We think he is around 5 months.  He is a little worried about everything at the moment but we know he'll settle down quick once he realizes he is somewhere safe and warm.

So please help spread the word about this little guy.  We don't want his family to be scared and worried about him.

Note: I think this is the 4th cat we've been suckered into "fostering" since we opened over 3 years ago. Not a bad track record I don't think.  Chewy was the only one who became permanent!


Stephanie V said...

I wish I could adopt him...what a sweet little guy!

WigglyZack said...

He is cute. How does he react to dogs and Chewy?