Friday, March 25, 2011

Slowing Us Down

The end of day is a busy time for us.  One of us is busy cleaning while the other one is taking dogs out to their owners.  By the time we start cleaning the dogs have had a good play and are starting to settle down for the most part.  Most of them find a quiet spot to curl up in and wait for their parents, others follow Jo around while she cleans and some give us "Pick me up and cuddle please" looks. They are tired and want to sleep, but they want to sleep on our laps or in our arms.

Lemmy is a master of the look.
Krank and Lemmy have mastered the look.

Krank knows how to turn on the charm.
We weren't getting much done between snuggles and kisses with these two around! We were butter in their paws. 


Anonymous said...

awwwww how could you say no to that face?!?!

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, I said to myself, that Lemmy has the look down and then I scrolled down and saw krank....what a love. It's no wonder we have so many dogs---it's that look.