Friday, March 4, 2011

Odd Couples

As most of you know we separate the dogs into two different play areas.  We have the larger, rowdier dogs in one area and usually the small, quieter, and shier dogs in another.  We always have some bigger dogs in smaller dog group, but we never put smaller dogs in with the big ones.  Some dogs go back and forth between the groups depending on who is here or sometimes, depending on what they ask for.

Having big and small dogs grouped together gives us some fun, yet interesting playmates.  The first video shows Alyera (jack russell) and Rudy (cattle dog cross).  Alyera just LOVES Rudy.  She paws at his face, gives him kisses and always tries to be near him. As you can tell, the feeling is mutual.

This video is of Tia (lab) and Chloe (pug cross).  They are equally fun and wild and therefore make the perfect friends.

Sorry for the less than optimal quality - these were just taken with an iPhone.  Happy Friday everyone!!!

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