Friday, July 9, 2010

Ruff Wear

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week.  Amanda was on vacation and Jo took an unexpected trip home so blogging got put to the back burner.

We did hear some great news though...  We've been approved to be a Ruff Wear dealer.

If you've never heard of Ruff Wear it is probably because there aren't a lot of stores in Alberta that carry the product.  I was looking to purchase a good, comfortable backpack for my dogs and tried out a friend's Ruff Wear one.  Coulee my golden retriever cross, carried 2 litres of water with ease for about 12 km and didn't even act like there was anything on her back.

After one day with the backpack, I was sold.  But do you think I could find one to buy?  No!

I figured if I had trouble finding their products to purchase, everyone else is having the same problem. We are going to be putting in an order Wednesday afternoon and if there is anything specific you'd be interested in please let us know! (

Our prices will be a few dollars more than the website prices you see to account for the US exchange, customs, etc. but if you'd like an exact price prior to ordering something, please just let me know.

I've seen a few of their products over the years - some collars and leashes, some toys and now this backpack.  These items were really well made.  They make mainly outdoorsy items - beds for camping, harnesses for helping dogs over obstacles, lifejackets, booties for hiking, etc. but they also have a nice selection of leashes, collars and toys.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! We have the same pack, plus several pairs of booties, socks and a couple of collars. RoughWear is great stuff, glad someone local will be carrying it.
Sarah B.

Dogz said...

Its great you're going to carry the Ruff-Wear Gear. We've been using their boots and pack for years, very well made dog gear.
Dave (Tsuga & Jasper)