Friday, October 16, 2009

Waiting List

We are getting busier and busier with each passing week. We are struggling to make sure that as many of your dogs can come to daycare but we do have a maximum number of dogs that we can safely take in a day. After much trial and error we've found that 35 dogs is our maximum. Every day we have some dogs that come all day, and others that just come for a few hours. With dogs coming and going at different hours, 35 seems to be the magic number.

You may have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to reserve a spot at daycare. People keep asking how early they need to book in advance and that is hard to answer. It depends on the day of the week and it depends on the weather. For example, as of Friday afternoon we have the following dogs booked for next week: Monday - 30 dogs, Tuesday - 32 dogs, Wednesday - 29 dogs, Thursday - 27 dogs and Friday - 33 dogs are already booked. That doesn't leave a lot of spots left for last minute reservations.

The best way to ensure your dog can come, is to pick a regular day that your dog comes and book them in "until the end of time." You then just need to call and let us know if your dog won't be coming. I know not everyone has such a predictable schedule, so for those of you who need to book at the last minute we have started a waiting list for the days we are full. If you are on the waiting list we will call you if we get any cancellations. Some days we have quite a few cancellations, but on other days we have none.

So please bear with us if you call and find out we are already full. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone but unless we move to a larger building and hire more staff, we are almost at our maximum. And while getting a bigger place may sound like a good idea to all of you, I'm not sure how good it sounds to me! ;)

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