Tuesday, October 20, 2009


That is how many different dogs made it into the calendar. Phew!

The list of dogs included in the calendar is as follows: Kaycee - Lab, Izzy - Beagle, Ruby - Bulldog, Matty - Viszla cross, Shelby - Schnauzer, Rosie - Shih Tzu, Rooney - Doodle, Cooper - Shih Tzu cross, Maggie - Pug cross, Tug - Shepherd cross, Davin - Australian Shepherd, Dozer - Boxer, Tiny - Dashshund, Angus - Cairn Terrier, Alyera - Jack Russell, Ruby - Schnauzer cross, Molly - Standard Poodle, Kona - Lab, Daisy Duke - Border Collie, Shandi - Beagle, Charlie - Jack Russell, Duke - Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, Russell - Lab, Rory - Lab cross, Jack - Brittany Spaniel, Maeby - Basset Hound, Zack - Border Terrier, George - Weimaraner, Cooper - Golden Retriever, Barley - Golden Retriever, Rudy - Cattle Dog cross, Otto - Boxer, Oddie - Shepherd cross, Charlie - Lab cross, Jasper - Flat Coated Retriever, Trio - Miniature Poodle, Achilles - Lab, Ace - Beagle, Perkins - Dashshund, Chance - Boston Terrier, Willow - Pug cross, Grizzy - Border Collie cross, Taylor - Terrier cross, Apple - Boxer, Max - Sheltie cross, Pele - Norwegian Elkhound, Gus - Husky cross, Denny - Yorkie, Beamer - Weimaraner, Zoey - Lab, Moxie - Border Collie, Harley - German Shepherd, Jackie - Border Collie, Amber - Toy poodle, Otis - Pug cross, Snoopy - Beagle, Tonka - Schnauzer, Sawyer - Schnauzer cross, Atlas - Great Dane, Lexi - Great Dane, Milo - Golden Retriever, Maggie Mae - Lab, Gus - Lab, Fin - Lab, and last but not least, Chewy!

You can see all 12 months here.

The cost per calendar is $18.00 and they must be pre-ordered. Please send us an e-mail (info@paws-on-the-run.ca) prior to October 31 letting us know how many you'd like to buy!

This year, the proceeds from the sale of the calenders will be going to Pit Bulls for Life. The Pit Bulls for Life Foundation of Alberta is a not for profit foundation that is dedicated to rescuing and re-homing unwanted and abandoned Pit Bulls and other pit bull type breeds from shelters in and around the Alberta area.

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