Thursday, August 6, 2009


Our latest order from West Paw Design just arrived. In it, was their new toy the Bumi. It was an instant hit with the dogs.

I was more than a little obssessed with taking pictures.

Shandi (the beagle) was equally obsessed with the Bumi. I think she is in 90% of my photos. Whenever she got the chance she would hide under the couch with it.

Other dogs you see in these photos are: Daisy Duke (border collie), Russell (black lab), and Cooper (shih tzu). 
As with all the Zogoflex toys from West Paw Design, these float, are sturdy enough to be guarranteed, and are lots of fun.  The Bumi comes in two sizes and we are selling them for $11 for the smaller size and $14.50 for the larger size.  I am definitely taking one home tonight for my girls!
The girls aren't going to let Russell win!
Daisy Duke is eyeing up the dogs standing next to her to make sure they aren't going to move in on "her" toy.
Got 3 dogs?  You can all play at once
And one more, because I just couldn't resist.


Glennis said...

Your dogs really enjoy that new toy. its a strange shaped thingy, just right for several dogs to play with at once.
We have just returned from a holiday and bought a new mouse toy made of some kind of fur, for our cat, she actually found it in our suitcase and helped herself, she has hardly left it alone since. They just love something new.
Cheers Glennis

Jenilee said...

I think Neena would love one of those...