Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Great Toy

I still think the Cuz is the best toy ever, but the Water Wubba is definitely up there as well. Here are its good points (at least according to me...)

  • It floats. Always a good feature in a water toy. :)
  • Even smaller dogs can grab a hold of it because they can grab an "arm" instead of the big part.
  • It makes a great tug toy.
  • It doesn't sink through the snow like a ball does when you throw it.
  • It is brightly coloured so even if your dog can't spot it, chances are you can.
I've been throwing one at the dog park since the summer and we haven't lost one yet!

1 comment:

Mrs. JP said...

that's a good picture...look at the determination on the little dogs face.