Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Monday is our new dog day and yesterday was a busy one.

Sophie is our first little papillon at daycare! She is cute and wild and you just gotta love those ears.

Trixie is a bichon/shih tzu who looks so much like Max, we had to look at their birthdays to see if they were litter mates - they weren't.

Carson is a yorkie/schnauzer who is quite the brave little guy. He was wrestling up a storm in no time but when I held up the camera all action stopped, his ears drooped and he looked unhappy.

I had to use the zoom lens just to get a picture with his cute little ears up.

Abby is your typical wild and crazy lab.

Don't let this cute look fool you, she is a handful!

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Mrs. JP said...

Oh, they are all darlings. But Sophie looks like a wild woman!