Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not So New

We try and take pictures of the new dogs on their first or second day. This doesn't always happen however and suddenly we realize that we'll have a dog that has been coming for months that we don't have any decent pictures of.

In Snoopy's case, he was a little shy to start so we didn't want to intimidate him more by sticking a camera in his face. He is feeling much more relaxed now and while he is definitely camera shy and does not like to look straight at the camera, I can trick him occasionally by making weird noises to get him to turn his head a little bit.

Jake on the other hand, has been confident and playful from day one. He only plays inside though. So every time we went to take a picture of him outside he would just stand there and look away (or he'd be doing his business and we don't need a picture of that!).

You'll notice Jake is still not looking at the camera. We will just have to keep trying for better pictures but I didn't want them to be neglected on the blog.


Sarah said...

Hi Jakey!!!
I miss you!
Love Sarah

Anonymous said...

This is our baby! I am so glad you are having fun Jake..Thanks Amanda and crew for taking such good care of our fur baby!
~ trena