Friday, June 5, 2009

Very Busy Week

Sorry the blogging has been almost non-existant this week. We've been busy. We have just hired a student for the summer. Jenna is going to be working here until she returns to school in September. We are all very excited about it, and not just because that means we can all take more holidays. ;)

Jenna has lots of experience with dogs - she has worked at a pet store, volunteered at a few different vet clinics and at the Humane Society as well. She is hoping to be accepted into the U of C Veterinarian program this fall and we all have our fingers crossed for her.

I've been hoping to get a picture of her, but as of yet, we haven't taken a break from training long enough to pose for pictures. So instead I've posted a picture of Sukhoi. He will be having his first birthday party this weekend. This big guy has sure changed this past year. Jackie the border collie, gives you an idea how big he has gotten since we first met him.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sam said...

Haha, I was about to ask if he was a Black Russian Terrier, then I clicked the link. What a big guy he is.

Mrs. JP said...

I'm glad for you and your new helper she'll gain experience and lots of it! We look forward to hearing more about her and seeing her pic.

Renee said...

He's just as cute as he was when I commented a year ago....still wanna smooch him! :D

Renee :)