Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teaser Ball

Another one of our favourite toys here at the daycare is the Teaser Ball, made by Jolly Ball. We started off with a big one for the big dogs to play with and eventually got a smaller one for the little pups. It has been a big hit with many of the dogs here at the daycare.

We don't find many of them obssessed with the ball inside but for some reason they seem to enjoy carrying it around and chasing it. And sometimes chewing on it. The outer ball is a very hard plastic so it can take quite a lot of abuse.


Mrs. JP said...

how do you do that? If we give out toys (1 for everyone) there's gonna be an argument and then feelings get hurt. one at a time? how?

Paws on the Run said...

It depends on the toys and the dogs that are here. Some days we can't have any toys, other days we can play fetch. Most days the toys are just there and the dogs will play with them on their own. We never have "high value" toys - i.e. squeaky toys or stuffies. And sometimes the new toys are too exciting so we let them play with them for short periods of time only. And we definitely find that the smaller dogs have less arguments over toys than the big dogs do.