Friday, March 6, 2009


It was too cold to go outside (or rather we've lost our tolerance for winter weather) for photos today but we took a few inside. The challenge with indoor photos is that the dog needs to stay perfectly still so the photo isn't blurry. We don't use a flash because we don't want any red eye in the photos. Taking pictures indoors also limits which dogs we can photograph. The camera won't even acknowledge that a black dog is in the room unless there is a hint of colour for us to focus on. But despite the limitations, Amanda and I managed to get a few nice pictures today...

Meet Tucker - he's an American Eskimo pup. Pretty cute eh?

This is Snazzy. She comes with her brother Rowdy, who wouldn't sit still long enough for a photo.

Little Tug is growing up but still looks like a cute puppy.

And speaking of growing up, Miss Pixel, Amanda's pup is getting more mature (in looks anyway!) each day.

PS - What do you think about the new look?


Anonymous said...

Great pictures as always. It makes me smile to check them out every day! I really like the new look as well. Nice and bright.

Stephanie V said...

Hey! You've changed your look...I like it.

Mrs. JP said...

Look is very professional! Tucker and Mrs. Pixel get the cute award for sure.

Mattys Mom said...

I love what you guys are doing, Great Job! I think it is a better set-up. Thank you for the daily pics I love them.