Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Photos

Just a few random photos from the day...

The ever curious Willow.

It was so cold, you could see their breath. This little guy is named Otis and he is with the Prairie Dog Canine Rescue. They are holding a dog adoption fair this Saturday at the daycare from 10-4 so be sure to stop in and check out all their dogs - big and little, young and old.

Malibu looks like she is very concerned with the "weird black thing" attached to Amanda's face. :)

Zeus thinks he has something very important to say.

That is little Jenna on the bench, and Ivy on top. You can also see the "usual" bumps on a log in the background. This was taken through the viewing room window so that I wouldn't disturb them.

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Natalie said...

Typical Ivy, always on top of something. We call her our surfer girl for that reason, she loves to be on top anything, no matter how unsteady it is.

Fav thing to do is to stand on top of her brothers crate in the back of the truck while we drive.